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Community Video
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(short film) A clash of realities: should he stay or should he go ? An actual couple, Kirk Acevedo and Kerry Johnson perform (or perhaps manifest) the problems of being a couple. The story takes place between given lines and documented feelings, resulting in an oil and water mix of film and life. Winner: Best short Film (Slamdance,1997) "This film excited me with its genuine curiosity about fictional characters and what we think we're doing when we bring them to life. It's a formal...
Topic: film, experimental
September 11
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Many of the things that went out over the air (TV) on September 11, 2001 have never re-aired. To the degree that we contribute our videos, we thus contribute to history. This unedited video was recorded in 3 segments (all times Mountain Daylight): early afternoon, early evening, and late that day (already 9/12 back East) until the tape ran out.
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Topics: 9/11, 9-11, September 11th, video recording, history research evidence
Prelinger Archives
by Prelinger (Rick)
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Official Prelinger Archives corporate video, describing its contents and mission. With excerpts of many films in the collection and rare scenes shot inside the New York vaults.
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Topics: Motion pictures: Ephemeral, Motion pictures: Archives, Prelinger Archives